A bike ride- who’s pedaling?

How God Reveals Himself

God is amazing, even on our best days God’s plan far surpasses anything we could have dreamed. We’re all trying to figure out what God has planned for our lives. We wont ever completely understand it until we’ve already lived it. Thats the whole point of faith right? It wasn’t until I went on a little journey of faith myself did I actually understand what it meant to not only believe but to live in faith.

Recently God revealed himself to me through a bike ride. I set out on what I thought was going to be a fun enjoyable bike ride to the beach early one morning. I had never been there before but I googled directions and had the morning off so I figured I would go for it. I hadn’t biked in years but I had just bought this nice shiny new bike a few days before and wanted to test it out. I grab my bible, a bottle of water and my devotional, throw it all into a backpack and set out. I was so excited, I prayed quickly before jumping on the bike and then took off!

I immediately knew I was out of shape! I began to come up with a plan B, there was no way I was making it to the beach with my legs hurting after only a few minutes. So I did a short trail, stopped and did my devotions. It was so windy and not the pleasant experience I had hoped for. Feeling unsatisfied I packed up and was going to head back home. Something inside of me said to go a little further, just to see. So I did, and when I got a little further I thought “I’ll go just a bit further and once I get over the bridge then I’ll turn around.” I got over the bridge and got turned around on some back roads. In trying to find my way back to the main road I ended up on the road to the beach. I thought, “Well I made it this far, why not.” I had never been on this road before but I followed the signs and kept on pedaling. The next 6 miles to the beach was long. The road had nothing on it and was one hill after another. Two or three miles down the road I wanted to turn back because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it. There was a small voice despite my fatigue and doubt that told me I had to keep going. When I saw the sign for the beach I forgot about my aching muscles and heavy backpack. I was so relieved to see that sign, nothing in the world mattered. I rode my bike down this long path to get to the beach and when I finally arrived I was speechless!

I was in awe of how peaceful and beautiful it was. I could do nothing but sit there in the silence and beauty. I closed my eyes and listened to the waves, felt the small breeze and warm sun and was completely captivated by my surroundings. Id never felt so free and full of life before. I just sat there in the presence of God and his greatness. As I was praying before I headed home God said to me, “This is Life”.

Life is about being unprepared for the long journey he has in store for us. Its about being alone with no one but God to rely on and share the path with. Its about those moments of doubt when you don’t think you can keep going, When you start to question the roads and your own abilities. Its about traveling a road you’ve never seen before but knowing that you have the wonderful creator as your guide. Life is about the storms and the hills and the struggles that seem so great the only option you have is to cry out to God for the strength to carry you through. Life is about feeling the presence of God when you want to turn around and go back to what’s comfortable and familiar but having the Holy Spirit lead you onward. That is life! When we get to where we’re going it’s going to be so much more beautiful than we ever imagined. All the things of this world and the load you carry will disappear in Gods presence. You will hear his whispers like the waves, you will feel his arms wrap around you like the small breeze, his kiss on your forehead like the warm sun, and the complete peace and comfort that you have arrived, and all you will be able to do is praise him!

The way God revealed himself to me is something I will always remember. It taught me not to worry about life, He knows what he is doing. We must live everyday in complete faith and take it one moment at a time. Living in complete surrender to his will in order to experience a life that is far greater than we ever imagined.

Get on your bike… Where will he take you?


The Sacred Search: Regardless of your relationship status.

This sermon series “The Sacred Search” by Gary Thomas revolutionized the way I look at relationships. While I think we get too caught up in the ways of this world we miss out on the great promises and blessings that God has designed us to receive. Through this discussion of relationships and character it is my prayer that God will open your eyes and your heart to him just as he has done with me.
How are we to live our lives according to God? Matthew 6:33, a simple one liner, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” What comfort and joy that brings! The context in Matthew is why we shouldn’t worry about anything in life. Don’t we all worry about who we will be marrying? My answer was Yes. The questions of What if I’m settling? What if they aren’t “The One”? What if… you can fill in the blank with your own worries. God calls us to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness. When we do this we are growing in The Lord, we are developing the fruit of the spirit which is essential for relationships.
The reason we get into a relationship is to share the pursuit of God with our partner. As Thomas said in his sermon, it is through the pursuit and worship of God that we are motivated to be a better partner. We are convicted by the Holy Spirit and it pushes us closer toward Godliness. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if our partner resembled Jesus? Not physically, but his character? Jesus sought God first in everything he did. He is the perfect example of how to live a Godly life. I believe that we can all have this when we make no excuses, no exceptions or compromises but we trust that God knows what he’s talking about.
To me this was all mind blowing. I immediately threw out everything I thought I knew about relationships. I cleared the slate, opened my mind and heart to God and what He had to say about it. As I eagerly listened to the sermons I began to paint a picture in my mind of what the perfect relationship would look like, what God wanted for me. It was a harsh reality but I am so happy that I took the time to go through it. The picture perfect world I came up with was two people side by side passionately pursuing God first then each other. In this type of active pursuit they are on the same team, working together for the same God and the same great commission. The scripture verse to sum it up is Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
The search for a life partner is active and intentional. Throw out the idea of marrying for love. The head over heels fairytale version of love, which is actually just the infatuation stage of the relationship. This was all news to me too, instead we marry for character. Yes, being in love is good, but don’t let it cloud your judgement of character. First and foremost is the Holy Spirit present in their life? Are they living a transformed life? This is so powerful to me because if the Holy Spirit is present then you will be able to fall in love with them over and over because the Holy Spirit never runs dry, its limitless and the fruit of the Spirit will be bountiful and endless! Praise God that He has given us the Holy Spirit to live in and transform us so we can be more like his son and portray the fruit of the spirit!
So what about our character, are we mature enough in our faith to be in a relationship? This question brought deafening silence to my thoughts. We so desperately want to experience this type of love and relationship but its a two way street. Just as we are searching for a Holy and Godly mate, they too will be searching. So the question is, are we there? Are we living a transformed life where the spirit is present and we portray Love, Joy, Peace, Patients, Kindness, Gentleness, Goodness, Faithfulness, and Self Control? We aren’t perfect but are we on the journey to get there? Have we taken the initiative? Seeking first his kingdom so that these characteristics can flourish in our lives?
These questions made me realize that I’m not at all ready. My relationship with The Lord isn’t strong enough yet. This realization has motivated me to dig deeper into his word, spend more time in prayer and as a result the scriptures have begun to come alive. I can hear God speaking them to me like a plea for my life. I have decided to put seeking his kingdom and righteousness first. While focusing on being the right partner before I go out searching for something I don’t know myself.
Therefore when I am ready and in my pursuit for the right partner I know what it looks like because I am living it. I will be held steadfast in my relationship with God and the devil’s deceit, lies and beauty will not cause me to make a foolish decision. We have been given free will for a reason, and I believe it is to honor God. To honor him with our relationship, because after all we get to choose who we want to be with.


The Purpose

Nothing is worth doing unless there is meaning and purpose behind it.

This blog is simply a way to share my thoughts, what is the point of knowledge if it is not shared? You can expect to see posts about what I am reading, listening to and experiencing. The topics will vary around the central idea of exploring who God is and what he is doing in my life. The more I branch out and talk to people the more I realize that we are all having similar struggles, questions and experiences. To know we are not alone in this journey is very comforting for me, and I hope it will be for you as well. It is my hope that this blog will help us to make sense of what we are hearing and reading and what we are to do with the information. I am by no means an expert in the topic, just on a passionate pursuit to learn.